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Pacific School of Religion


Founded in 1866, Pacific School of Religion is a progressive theological institution that embraces diversity and champions social justice. In the face of global uncertainty and more divisive religious, social, cultural, and political rhetoric, PSR shapes a refreshing counternarrative of grace and inclusion that brings about a world where all can thrive. Under Phoenix Philanthropy’s expert guidance, PSR defined five fundraising objectives in a strong case statement for their $50 million, 5-year Fearless campaign.

Our team’s support has included assisting with designing, training, and empowering an expanded revenue generation team; leading a school-wide visioning and priority/goal-setting process; conducting a positioning research study; helping accelerate prospect development; and guiding initial volunteer development and management activities. The campaign started in July 2023, introducing a transformational narrative that seeks to generate philanthropic support through the lens of social justice. Currently in the silent phase, PSR has already made significant progress towards their goal.