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An innovative funder and accelerator of cancer research with a vision of a world without cancer, Curebound is committed to securing and awarding $100 million in collaborative research funding by 2031. The result of a merger between Padres Pedal the Cause and Immunotherapy Foundation, Curebound is led by a tireless and gifted CEO, visionary and generous founders, and a dynamic and hard-working Board of Directors, who have not been limited by small thinking, conventional wisdom, budget constraints, limited staff, or previously limited operational and leadership models. Instead, they have forged ahead, creating new systems, structures, and resources.

Phoenix Philanthropy partnered with Curebound from its inception, focusing on an extensive strategic planning process for the merger and integration of Padres Pedal the Cause and Immunotherapy Foundation. Our most recent efforts included assisting Curebound as it built a strong governance structure, enhanced organizational capacity, and grew and diversified fundraising revenue.