Without a doubt, fundraising is critical to all nonprofits and a vital key to their success. The Phoenix Philanthropy Group’s team of consultants has an extensive background in fundraising – as consultants, chief executive officers, chief development officers, and directors of development. Our rich and diverse backgrounds enable us to plan and guide the management and execution of comprehensive and targeted fundraising programs and annual, capital, and endowment campaigns. We enable organizations to reach more donors, raise more money, and secure the short- and long-term sustainable support they require to grow and thrive.

Areas of expertise:

Fundraising Programs

  • Funding from individuals, corporations, foundations, organizations, and governments
  • Annual fund, major gifts, planned giving, and campaigns
  • Direct mail, phonathons, web-based and email solicitations, and fundraising events
  • Donation appeals, proposal development, and grant writing
  • Current-use and endowment support
  • Local, regional, national, and international fundraising initiatives and programs

Campaign Management

  • Development and organizational audits and assessments
  • Feasibility studies
  • Comprehensive campaign plans, timelines, and budgets
  • Financial and programmatic goal setting and pricing
  • Campaign case statements and related collateral material
  • Naming opportunities
  • Staff and volunteer recruitment, training, and management
  • Ongoing campaign management

Fundraising and Campaign Infrastructure

  • Prospect identification, research, screening, tracking, and management
  • Donor relations including acknowledgement, recognition, reporting and accountability
  • Data and information management
  • Operations and financial management
  • Fundraising policies, procedures, and compliance

Relationship Management

With our extensive experience building both new and existing prospect, donor, and constituent relationship management programs, The Phoenix Philanthropy Group guides organizations in constructing the most effective infrastructure and culture to manage client relationships, enhance existing business, seek new business, and generate diversified revenue, institution-wide.

Areas of expertise:

  • Best-practice policies, procedures, and systems for managing information and data within the organization
  • Tools that empower staff and board to be more effective in relationship management and new business development
  • Goals, benchmarks, and tools to measure and evaluate performance for achieving strong client relationship management
  • Culture and mindset of effective customer service and relationship management

Strategic Planning

If there is one area where many nonprofits can benefit from an outside point of view, it is in the area of strategic planning. Being able to see beyond the day-to-day and into your organization’s future can be difficult in the best of circumstances. The Phoenix Philanthropy Group is expert at taking that objective position and facilitating planning activities of staff, board, and volunteer leadership to clarify and articulate mission, vision, values, and short- and long-term goals – and to help organizations create the right plans to achieve the right ends. Like all of our services, we do not use pre-packaged or off-the-shelf models; we develop customized tools for each organization to ensure successful implementation and achievement of your organizations’ unique goals, strategies, and tactics.

Areas of expertise:

  • Comprehensive organizational strategic plans
  • Mission, vision, and values
  • Comprehensive campaign, fundraising, and alumni relations plans
  • Annual plans derived from strategic or campaign plans
  • Plans targeted to annual giving, major gifts, and planned giving
  • Branding, marketing and communications plans for campaigns, fundraising programs, and constituent relations programs
  • Best practices research and benchmarking
  • Industry and market research
  • Implementation calendars, workflow templates, and evaluation models
  • Stakeholder engagement and participation
  • Outcomes reporting
  • Methodology for ongoing performance measurement
Volunteer Leadership

Volunteer Leadership

Nonprofits’ very existence, and their ability to achieve greatness, requires the help of involved volunteer leaders, boards, and committees who are passionate about the organization’s mission.

The Phoenix Philanthropy Group helps organizations identify, recruit, train, develop, and retain key outstanding volunteer leaders, boards of directors, advisory councils, and steering committees who can positively impact the organization’s success.

Areas of expertise:

  • Governance structures, roles, responsibilities, and policies and procedures to identify, recruit, and effectively manage strong boards of directors, advisory councils, campaign steering committees, and cabinets
  • Structures and tools to help build and maintain strong internal relationships between the CEO, the board of directors, and senior staff
  • Systems, tools, and training to enhance board and volunteer fundraising effectiveness
  • Guidance in the identification and recruitment of high-potential volunteer leaders
  • Volunteer leadership mentoring

Executive Coaching

To develop the right team to take an organization’s advancement to the next level is a challenging task.

The Phoenix Philanthropy Group helps train, coach, and develop new advancement staff, as well as develop programs to build the capacity and leadership abilities of current advancement and executive staff.

Areas of expertise:

  • Assessment to understand the optimal qualifications and profile of the new staff member
  • Position descriptions, compensation packages, and performance and evaluation mechanisms
  • Training programs to ensure new personnel have the necessary insight into their new organization and position
  • Executive leadership and staff coaching and mentoring

Interim Management

It’s a simple fact of running a nonprofit organization: people eventually move on, leaving a gap. But the organization’s responsibility to its constituents remains. Donors still need to be cultivated, campaigns still need to be executed, fundraising employees still need to be managed, and money still needs to be raised.

The Phoenix Philanthropy Group provides the highest-quality interim leadership and management at every level: executive, fundraising, alumni relations, administrative, or other critical departments or functions.

Areas of expertise:

  • Comprehensive organizational assessments including operational and administrative systems, processes, policies, procedures, staff, and volunteer leadership
  • Strategic and tactical recommendations to turn-around, maintain, or grow operations
  • Annual and long-range plans
  • On- and off-site process, project, and people management
  • Staffing of organizational and volunteer leadership
  • Implementation and evaluation of plans and strategies
  • Outcomes reporting
  • Building or rebuilding operational infrastructures, staffs, and volunteer leadership groups
  • Maintenance or expansion of ongoing operations, such as fundraising, alumni relations, etc.
  • Turn-key operation delivered to new permanent leadership
Alumni Relations icon

Alumni Relations

Alumni relations is about building and growing strong relationships between people and the institution – for life. With our broad experience in building, reviving, and running alumni relations functions, The Phoenix Philanthropy Group works with organizations to develop alumni programs, services, and events that will significantly enhance student and alumni engagement. We also help transform traditional alumni associations into global professional associations that deliver better and stronger benefits to its membership.

Areas of expertise:

  • Engagement strategies to create strong bonds between alumni, students, and the institution
  • Professional and personal development programs and services
  • Programs and services for traditional and non-traditional students and alumni, including executive education clients, corporate clients, volunteer leaders, and more
  • Innovative professional associations and networks
  • Volunteer leadership and management, including boards, councils, and chapters
  • Branding, marketing, and communications
  • Virtual networks
  • Special events, conferences, and seminars
  • Measurement tools and protocols to evaluate the impact and ROI of programs and services for both alumni and the institution.


Evaluation is a critical component of nonprofit credibility and success, and impacts program quality and funding.

Areas of expertise:

  • Data collection driven by meaningful questions most pertinent to your organization
  • Coordination and analysis of data for ease of collection, maintenance, and understanding
  • Ongoing feedback and recommendations to assist in improving program quality, making your organization more effective and more attractive to funders

Mergers & Acquisitions

A successful merger, acquisition, or alliance between two nonprofits can mean greater services delivered to more people in need – all without either organization losing its identity or compromising its values.

Phoenix Philanthropy offers specialized services related to alliances/partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions designed to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, strengthen financial position, build organizational capacity, synthesize organizational cultures, enhance programs and services, broaden visibility and constituent reach, and increase community impact.

Areas of expertise:

  • Assessment of organizational preparedness for an alliance/partnership, merger, or acquisition
  • Research and identification of potential partner organizations with which to align
  • Engagement of board and staff members and key stakeholders in the alliance, merger, or acquisition assessment and decision-making process
  • Creation of comprehensive plans and processes to consolidate organizational cultures, human resources, operations, administrative functions, revenue generation, and programs and services to maximize effectiveness, efficiency, and impact without interruption of services
  • Development of alliance, merger, or acquisition timelines and budget
  • Creation of tactical integration workplans, including strategies to communicate with stakeholders and constituents


The Phoenix Philanthropy Group partners with individual philanthropists, foundations, and corporate philanthropic offices to develop effective philanthropic strategies and programs.

Areas of expertise:

  • Methodology to discover and focus on the client’s philanthropic mission, vision, and values
  • Identification of priority issues, areas of interest, and types of organizations which clients seek to support
  • Guidelines, policies, and procedures by which funding proposals are requested, reviewed, and evaluated
  • Mechanisms by which awards or gifts are granted
  • Grant- or gift-making process
  • Mechanisms to evaluate return on philanthropic investment