Jeri Kendle

Jeri Kendle

Senior Consultant

Prior to devoting her life to nonprofit work, Jeri found success in the business world. She served as president of one of Arizona’s largest award-winning design firms, was an adjunct professor at ASU’s School of Design, and a for-profit management consultant. After witnessing one of her closest friends raise a child with autism, however, she realized her true calling was in the human service sector. I witnessed how profoundly autism impacted their family and I wanted to do whatever I could to help.”

Jeri began volunteering her time and expertise to the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC). Jeri would eventually spend 5 years as SARRC’s president and initiated many sustainable SARRC-owned businesses and programs that improved the bottom line while increasing awareness for SARRC and autism. Jeri was instrumental in developing the SARRC teen program, CommunityWorks, which was ultimately licensed in five major cities across Canada. In addition, she launched SARRC’s Beneficial Beans coffee and cafés along with a sustainable garden program.

After leaving SARRC in 2016, Jeri realized that she wanted to utilize her diverse expertise and experience to help organizations optimize their social impact. “I love working with nonprofits that are doing important work but need assistance to strengthen their operations, become more sustainable, and enable them to deliver their services more effectively, to more people.” As a consultant with The Phoenix Philanthropy Group, Jeri now works to help nonprofits be clear in their mission, determine what’s holding them back from being more successful, and advance their donor appreciation and retention programs.

Jeri’s other volunteer affiliations have included the board of directors for Phoenix Theatre, SARRC, and Arizona’s Children Association. She received her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Northern Arizona University.