Articles From Our Team

Organizational Strength

Overhead and the Nonprofit by Richard Tollefson

Better Branding = Fundraising Impact by Richard Tollefson

Replacing a Star Player by Stephen Zastrow

Five Principles of Transformation by Richard Tollefson

“Merger” is not a Dirty Word by Marc Kellenberger

Public Private Partnerships by Cassandra Larsen

Coaching for Fundraising Success by Richard Tollefson

The Value of Professional Interim Management by Cassandra Larsen and Deborah Whitehurst

P3s: Partnering for the Future by Cassandra Larsen

Discovering Great Donors by Richard Tollefson

The Value of Values-Based Hiring by Brian Mohr and Richard Tollefson

Avoiding the Operational Black Hole by Richard Tollefson

Transforming the Nonprofit by Richard Tollefson

Need to Amp Up Your Creativity, Efficiency and Productivity Fast? Outsource! by Richard Tollefson and Michal Tyra

Measuring Success-The Value of Evaluation by Dr. Wayne Parker

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